American Drama Group Europe & TNT Theatre Britain, one of the world’s foremost touring companies, presents William Shakespeare’s most powerful tragedy “HAMLET”! 

HAMLET (dir. Paul Stebbings) will be visiting Uppsala on the 6th of September, 2021.

TNT Theatre describes itself as an internationally renowned fully professional touring theatre company that has been performing musical theatre plays in English, French, and Spanish throughout the world for over four decades – from China and Japan to Australia and Singapore, from North America to England and Scandinavia to Germany and Central Europe. They have won first prize at various theatre festivals including Shanghai, Edinburgh, Thessaloniki, Munich, and even Teheran.The company style aims to integrate all the performing arts. TNT productions always include a specially commissioned score by a leading composer. The director always works with a choreographer and the ensemble actors are chosen for their ability to cross the disciplines of theatre, music and dance.   

TNT’s award winning production of HAMLET returns to the international stage continuing to thrill audiences and critics. The production skillfully blends the radically different text versions and aims to illuminate the world’s most fascinating theatre text, rather than impose some superficial interpretation. Hamlet is revealed as a troubled young man who can trust no one, not even the ghost of his father.
The production focuses on HAMLET as performance, since most of the characters are performing a lie: old friends are spies, murderers act as good step fathers, and Hamlet himself performs his own illusory madness. Nothing is what it seems and there are no fixed meanings, the world literally drives those who try to make sense of its riddles quite mad.
Director Paul Stebbings emphasizes and explores the theatricality, using life size puppets as well as highly theatrical ghosts and comedy interwoven with tragedy, as Shakespeare intended. This is not a play about inaction, but of a constant search for truth and justice. This revival tours to Germany, Austria, Denmark and Sweden, offering audiences a unique opportunity to get to grips with the greatest story ever told._____

TNT – highly effective and charismatic theatre.” – Village Voice New York

“One of the most interesting developments on the current theatrical scene.” –The Guardian, Britain.

“If young people need to be persuaded to go to the theatre, TNT is the company to see.” – Sudkurier, Germany.